Improving kayaking safety 
with innovative designs 



New kayaking tools
"An essential part of the paddler's safety equipment"

Solving existing issues with innovative tools

15 years of sea kayak guiding in the Atlantic waters of the Canaries and a background in engineering form the perfect basis for designing new tools that can help us deal better with the daily issues of the sport. Using new technologies like FDM with modern UV resistant thermoplastics give us the opportunity to develop new functional tools with the required strength  and durability, and we can customise tools to client needs.

What we do

We not only design and produce our own tools, we also produce custom tools and prototypes for our clients' needs

New tools and equipment

We design and produce new kayaking tools that solve different existing problems that the current market tools have.

Custom designs & tools

Tools designed to clients' specifications for functional uses.


We make prototypes for clients who want to test their products before producing them.


Our tools have been made to last.

Choosing the best filaments from the best brands for outdoor functional uses, designing their internal structure to increase their strength, setting manufacturing processes to ensure tool strength and durability, performing different tests to check how the pieces age when exposed to UV light and heat for long periods of time.


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